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The Japanese Pianist Miki Ambo was born in 1989 in Tokyo.

Miki graduated Kunitachi Junior High School of Music and Kunitachi High School of Music in Tokyo.

Miki graduated the Norwegian Academy of Music (Norges Musikkhøgskole), and had been studying Piano with Professor. Einar Hennings Smebye. 


2008-2010, she had run essays about the student life in Norway on Norway Yumenet. She has participated 6th Nordic Music Therapy Conference in Ålborg, Denmark in 2009.


Miki had a duo recital "Duo concert from Norway" in Tokyo.

After The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami, Miki performed at the charity concert for Japan "GIFT TO JAPAN" by The Norwegian Red Cross. She organized several charity concerts for Japan in Norway. She had a solo recital at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo.

She performed at several primary schools and high school in Sendai, and performed at a charity concert by Hokkaido university of education for the Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra.

She studied for a year at the Sibelius Academy 2012-2013 in Helsinki, Finland.


Miki is a member of Japan-Norway Musicians' Society, The Grieg Society of Japan and The Sibelius Society of Japan.



Maridalen, Oslo
Maridalen, Oslo